Our Vision is a regenerative world

Ethica is a team of highly skilled experts that share their passion for building a regenerative future. Brought together by Paula Fontell and Anne Raudaskoski, each team member has a unique personal story that has driven them to change industries and the world with a strategic mindset for creating top-class circular solutions.

We inspire and guide entire industries to succeed in a circular future

Today, Ethica inspires and guides companies every day to design the right path towards a planet-positive future.

Together with their clients, they use circular business design thinking to build roadmaps with the concrete processes and steps needed to build new kinds of products and services that empower companies and entire industries to succeed in real regenerative growth.





Ethica’s experts work with joy with their colleagues, clients and partners. We feel that what we do is incredibly meaningful to us, our clients and the planet. This feeling of meaningfulness is reflected in our prudent client relationship management.

It goes without saying that uncompromising quality and transparent communications are the cornerstones of our work.

Every team member’s pursuit for high quality furthers the high quality and success of the entire company. Trusting each other’s work and appreciating different personalities; these form the springboard for openness, flexibility, efficiency and continuous personal development.

Our clients can be confident that our work is always carried out with the highest possible expertise and passion to fulfil their needs and expectations.

Paula Fontell

Paula is the CEO and a Co-founder. In addition to leading the team and company operations, she also leads numerous customer projects.
With strong business development expertise, Paula loves finding the best way for any company to start developing sustainable business strategy and circular solutions towards a regenerative path.

Before Ethica, Paula worked for 13 years at Nokia Corporation, working, for example, on global resource planning, corporate social responsibility, organisation design, and senior management’s strategic change management programs.

CEO & Co-Founder
+358 40 768 0160

Anne Raudaskoski

Anne Raudaskoski is a Head of Consulting and Co-Founder , and she has worked with a number of Finnish and international companies steering them towards regenerative growth through a carbon-neutral, circular way of operating.

In addition to strategy work she is a pioneer in circular design. She has been running Circular Design Sprint with companies ranging from furniture to packaging, construction, electronics, textiles and food in various countries since 2016.

Anne has over 15 years of experience in the field and before Ethica she used to work as a Sustainability Manager at the University of Westminster, London.

Head of Consulting & Co-Founder
+358 50 341 0881

Ville Grönlund

Ville focuses on Ethica's international projects and partnerships working as a Circular strategy & design consultant helping customers find and create new business opportunities.

Ville gets inspired in bringing together exponential circular economy possibilities and concrete business benefits. This can be done by utilising Ethica’s Regenerative Growth Strategy and Circular Design methods.

Ville’s background is in management consulting and digital service development.

International Projects, Circular Strategy & Design
+358 50 506 2110

Tuuli Kassi

As an architect, Tuuli has successfully realised diverse construction projects from concept and sketch design to the construction phase for numerous clients over 10 years.

Her expertise combines circular economy knowledge and regenerative frameworks with regional development and building design in an exceptional way.

Tuuli’s enthusiasm and vision for promoting the circular economy stems from her strong environmental values.

Achieving a sustainable circular economy requires cooperation, which Tuuli promotes with her facilitation experience.

Circular Built Environment
M.Sc. Architect
+358 44 333 5474

Vilma Autio

Vilma is an architect with extensive background in urban planning. She focuses on circular built environments and supporting regenerative growth within the construction industry.

As a future-oriented professional, she has a special interest in the interface between built environment and societal change.

She aspires to support Ethica’s clients in navigating this constant and inevitable change through the combination of strategy, design and research to co-create novel, circular solutions.

Circular Built Environment
M.Sc. Architect
+358 40 749 9483

Ida Urmas

Ida is an experienced circular design and Cradle Cradle expert at Ethica. For a number of years, Ida has been specialising in Cradle to Cradle inspired product development and innovation, as well as healthy bio-based material alternatives.

Besides materials, she has been working very closely with circular product design and business models for the circular systems.

Ida’s passion and focus is on circular design based on the Cradle to Cradle principles, and management & coordination of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ product development projects.

Circular Design
MA (eng.)
+358 50 587 9765

Meri Lundahl

Meri is a material scientist specialising on biobased and circular materials. She is passionate about the innovations that provide a technical basis for a regenerative economy.

With a strong combination of both academic and industrial background, Meri enjoys using both high- and low-tech solutions to create feasible sustainability in a collaborative way. She specialises on the material choices and product development that enable the organisation to realise its circular strategy on the practical level.

Meri has ten years of experience in research and development of structural and functional materials for applications such as energy conversion and storage, textiles and absorbents. Before Ethica, she used to work as Chief Sustainability Officer at Teraloop.

Circular Materials
D.Sc. (Tech.)
+358 40 526 0787

Simo Vilkki

Simo is an engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the construction product industry.

His strengths are measuring and developing operations from the perspective of circularity and the environment and managing these aspects in construction projects. Simo finds the new possibilities in the operating environment of construction sector extremely interesting, especially the great potential in reuse and upcycling of building materials.

Simo's aim is to increase collaboration, which leads to more efficient, innovative, and easily accessible circular solutions.

Circular Built Environment
+358 40 821 9003

Juha Usva

Juha is an experienced business leader and management consultant with extensive experience in designing and leading challenging transformations across various types of organizations. He has held leadership positions in global technology companies Apple, Nokia, and Sun Microsystems and worked as a CEO in several Finnish growth companies.

As a consultant of circular strategies, Juha works with leadership teams and business units to integrate circularity in their business strategies and operations.

Juha is passionate about simplifying operations and implementing systemic changes required for circularity, enabling his clients to achieve greater sustainability and profitability.

Circular Strategies
+358 40 579 5207

Elina Kinnunen

Elina is an accomplished engineer specialising in both construction and circular economy. She has over decade of diverse experience in civil engineering, concentrating on construction site management and operations. Her profound knowledge of the building industry is further enriched by her pursuit of Circular Economy Master’s degree, achieved while working at the same time with construction field.

As a circular built environment consultant, Elina offers a unique mix of distinctive blend of knowledge and skill. She brings a multifaceted perspective to drive the transition towards circular practices within the construction sector. She believes that realising this transition requires multidisciplinary collaboration at all levels of the value chain, and she is deeply committed to making the transformation a reality.

Circular Built Environment Consultant
M.Sc.Tech Circular Economy
+358 50 911 75 99

Sanna Uotila

Sanna is an expert in the field of circular economy, boasting an extensive track record of applying service design and design thinking in a multifaceted manner.

With a wealth of experience accumulated over the years, Sanna has cultivated her skills in developing a wide array of innovative methods tailored to bolster customers' capacities for innovation and adeptly manage change during the market's shift toward circularity. Her holistic approach, rooted in user-centricity, organisational resilience, and social consciousness, is a foundation of her unique skillset.

Circular & Service design
MA Collaborative & Industrial design
+358 50 431 2673

Paula Vastela

Paula is an expert in international business strategies and development. She concentrates on the international strategy for the Circular Design program and collaborates on country-specific initiatives. Her goal is to assist customers in creating products and services aligned with the circular economy. Paula is driven to provide innovative content for company management and promote circular design and regenerative growth strategies as standard practices in business.

She is doing an Executive MBA degree at Hanken SSE (October 2024)

International Business Strategist,  Circular Design
+358 400 878 762

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