Circular economy is the word of the day, but what does it mean for architecture and building development? And how does it relate to Cradle to Cradle® framework and certified materials and products? Join us to hear and discuss how these concepts benefit the building owners and users from the specialists of Ethica, a leading Finnish circular economy consultancy, and Markus Diem of EPEA, one of the frontrunners in building circularity in Europe.

In this webinar we will discuss how Cradle to Cradle thinking – creating multiple lifecycles for buildings and products therein – affects building design and what kind of materials are already certified and available also in Finland.

Time: 14.9.2022 at 15-16:15 EET
The webinar is in English, but questions are welcome also in Finnish. Sign up here to register to the webinar.


  • Towards circularity in architecture and building design / Tuuli Kassi & Vilma Autio, Ethica Oy
  • Strategic circularity in the building sector / Markus Diem, EPEA
    • Cradle to Cradle (C2C) philosophy & framework
    • Circular building: how circularity effects materiality, indoor air quality, and the costs and profitability
    • Building circularity passport & C2C construction products
  • Q&A

About the guest speaker, Markus Diem:
Leading a team of 50 engineers working on circular solutions for buildings and products. Since 2016 Senior Project Partner at Drees & Sommer, first in Shanghai and since 2019 as Head of Office EPEA in Hamburg.
Profound expertise in energy-efficient construction and recycling management. 

Tuuli Kassi:
As Ethica’s circular building specialist, she inspires several Finnish frontrunner companies in their move towards circular operations and regenerative growth, e.g. Senate properties, the work environment partner of the Finnish government, and Varma, a Finnish pension fund. In addition to coaching strategies and design towards circular solutions in her work, she teaches sustainability for future architects at the Tampere University. 

Vilma Autio:
One of Ethica’s consultants with a main focus on circular built environments and supporting regenerative growth within the construction industry. Her professional background is in architecture and urban planning and she has co-founded a design practice that studies and promotes the resiliency of urban areas. Besides her work at Ethica, Vilma devotes some of her time to teaching strategic urban planning at Aalto University as well as volunteering as a sustainable construction expert in two NGOs.

The event is part of the World Green Building WEEK 2022. Sign up here.