Businesses have a limited six-year window to ready themselves for the impending EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation. In fact, they have far less time if they want to gain a competitive edge!

Join us for a comprehensive session delving into two pivotal shifts in the business landscape: the ESPR and the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA). The session presents a holistic overview and up-to-date understanding of the current situation and actions needed to shift towards a circular electronics sector. Moreover, discover a sneak peek into our circular design approach tailored for visionary R&D professionals and forward-thinking designers within the electronics sector. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

Some of the key questions we explore during the session:

  • What is the impact of Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) & Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) to our company?
  • What is needed to create reverse operations at the global level?
  • What is a systemic circular design approach?

At the session you will get:

  • Knowledge, facts and understanding of the impact of the CRMA and ESPR
  • System level requirements for circular electronics sector
  • Circularity checklist for executives and R&D people
  • Tools for integrating circularity into your R&D process
  • Opportunity to discuss with experts and peers

Session details

Time: April 18th, 9:30-12:30 (CEST)

Place: PwC Brussels office, Culliganlaan 5, 1831 Diegem

Target audience:

  • Company: Electronics companies, medium sized to large enterprises with in-house design function, and their key stakeholders within the circular ecosystem
  • Function: Management and key personnel in R&D, Design, Business Development, Strategy, Innovation


Tentative agenda:

  • 9:30 Welcome & warm-up!
  • 9:40 Goals for the session
  • 9:45 Overview of Critical Raw Materials Act
  • 10:00 Intro to ESPR and impact on companies’ R&D work
  • 10:10 Q&A about CRM and ESPR
  • 10:20 Cases from electronics sector
  • 10:40 Short break
  • 11:00 Mini Circular Design Sprint for participants
  • 12:10 Need for Circular Ecosystems
  • 12:30 Session end

This event is an accelerator session at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 ( WCEF2024 is guided by the latest scientific evidence on the most impactful circular solutions and explores how to turn them from theory to action.