Built Environment

Building circular living & working environments enables cities to meet their climate targets while creating more value for the citizens, employees and local businesses.

Our experienced built environment team helps you define the most impactful circular principles and solutions for a city, district, block or an individual building. We work together with your project team, architects and engineers, and help you move from an ambitious vision to successful implementation.

You will get a system-level roadmap and concrete circular goals for the project. Material flow analysis and scenarios will provide excellent tools for the preliminary planning stage.

Our expert will join your project team to ensure that the visionary goals become a reality. Focus areas will be tailored according to your needs, and the work can include, for example, writing a circular building handbook, evaluating the project plans or creating the criteria for circular procurement.

Our assessment, based on the Urban Circularity™ tool, provides you with a comprehensive picture of how different areas of the plan further circular flows and climate targets. Our assessment also includes criteria for steering the tender process as well as the city’s concrete instruments and suggestions for plan symbols.

Circular solutions require a reorganisation of the existing networks. For example, developing reverse logistics, closing material flow loops and developing circular innovations need ecosystems that are seamlessly functioning and economically viable. We have a number of successful cases in building linear networks into circular ones.