For Businesses

Strategy analyses, circular strategy processes and concrete development programmes are tailored according to your needs.

Circular product/service design, supply chain development and circular certification are also part of our offering.

Strategy audit

In our strategy audit, your business strategy is evaluated from the circular economy perspective. Through the use of our Business Circularity™ tool, our audit helps your management build comprehensive understanding of a circular economy in your sector and identify potential customer-driven circular business opportunities.

Strategy roadmap

Our circular strategy roadmap gives you a pragmatic plan for steering your business or organisation successfully towards a circular economy and to remain competitive also in the future.


How to communicate about circular products and services clearly and effectively? Best products require the best story. Our circular narrative method weaves together the key circularity aspects of your business and products into an inspiring story.

Circular design

Ethica’s circular design is a comprehensive process for designing truly circular products that create lasting benefits for your customers and for your business. We work together with your R&D and design teams to develop and bring to market new circular low-carbon products and services. With our unique circular design expertise and methods, we can help you become the sustainable market leader in your sector.

Cradle to cradle

The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products programme is the most renowned and esteemed certification in the world.

It is a science-based standard for making high quality products that are safe and truly circular.  Cradle to Cradle certified products are internationally recognised as the front-runners in circular economy.