Case Hiedanranta​

Hiedanranta is a new urban development area in the City of Tampere. It is envisioned to become an attractive lakeside district for 25,000 residents and 10,000 employees by 2035. Innovations and cooperation are required for creating an inspiring, vibrant, smart and sustainable city district – a CO2 negative Hiedanranta, which will produce more than it consumes.

Ethica has been working with the City of Tampere since 2016. The work started by creating an ambitious circular vision concept for the area Circular Urban Flows (Uutta Urbaania Kiertokulkua).

Consequently, Ethica has worked closely with the Hiedanranta development team and conducted a number of projects, for example, a material flow analysis with two scenarios (waste, water, energy, food) and assessment of the Hiedanranta Master Plan using Ethica’s Urban Circularity™ tool and resulting a number of changes in the planning process. In addition, Ethica has worked with the Hiedanranta business ecosystem; these highly innovative companies and start-ups located in Hiedanranta develop scalable circular solutions for global markets.