Case Ecotelligent

Ecotelligent designs and manufactures wooden, low-carbon 5G antenna towers. Recently the company was awarded with EU Horizon 2020 funding.

Ethica worked with Ecotelligent to develop their design approach and identify circular business opportunities by using Ethica’s circular design methodology.

As a result, Ecotelligent got a system level map of environmental impact, design opportunities and circular business potential of their product across different stages of the  lifecycle. Through identifying these concrete opportunities, a solid  foundation for further development was created. The project supports the company’s position in the EU marketplace, which is highly competitive with a focus and growing demand on low-carbon and circular product innovations.

CEO Gyöngyi Mátray: Identifying all circular economy aspects with the help of Ethica is an important part of our growth strategy and sales pitch in a highly competitive global market. We are extremely satisfied with Ethica’s profound expertise!