Case Plastics Circulation

Ethica led a Nordic team of experts to deliver the Designing Plastics Circulation report to the Nordic Council of Ministers. Forerunner companies, such as, Philips, Dell, Volvo, Electrolux and Fujitsu were interviewed for the report.

“Presently most electrical/electronic equipment (EEE) is not designed for recycling, let alone for circulation. Plastics in these products account for 20% of material use, and through better design, significant environmental and financial savings could be gained. Technological solutions and circular design opportunities already exist, but they haven’t been implemented yet.

Some challenges, such as ease of disassembly, could be resolved through better communication and by sharing learnings across the value chain.

Instead of WEEE, we should focus on developing CEEE: Circular Electrical and Electronic Equipment.The case examples of this report show how different stages of the lifecycle can be designed so that plastics circulation becomes possible and makes business sense. It is time to take a leap in material flow management and scale up these circular solutions across the industry.”

You can download the report here.

You can access the PowerPoint here.