Case Lumene

Lumene is Finland’s most famous cosmetics company. Lumene takes inspiration from the Nordic approach to well-being and beauty: they use handpicked Nordic botanicals in their formulas, allowing nature to regenerate and remain in balance. Sulapac is another Finnish company with a bold vision: to provide the number one sustainable material to replace plastic. Sulapac’s award-winning material is made from wood and natural biopolymers. It uses safe 100% bio-based raw materials and is biodegradable. The material can be used for packaging and jars and can replace plastic in almost anything.

As part of Finland’s national circular economy roadmap project funded by Sitra, Ethica worked with Sulapac and Lumene to develop a circular narrative for their products. Using Ethica’s circular narrative method, meaningful fact-based marketing messages were developed together with the R&D, brand, marketing and communications professionals from both companies.

As a concrete result, Lumene got a marketing brief with defined key messages for every stage of the customer journey. The key messages were woven into an inspiring story to engage consumers and end users in using circular products.