Case Helen Ltd

Helen Ltd is part of Helen Group, one of Finland’s largest energy groups. They offer their customers electricity, district heating and district cooling, along with a wide range of services for small-scale energy production and improving customers’ energy efficiency.

Helen’s strategic goal is a smart carbon-neutral and sustainable energy system where everyone can produce, use and save energy with due regard for the environment. New solution areas, such as regional renewable energy, smart housing technology solutions and electric mobility are expected to produce significant growth. Helen also wants to increasingly work with their customers, strengthen their partner network and invest in start-ups.

Ethica conducted a strategy audit for Helen, with a special focus on business environment outlook, analysis of the best international industry practices, and new opportunities related to the circular economy.  Key customers were interviewed to explore their plans and expectations related to new energy solutions.

As a result, Helen got a comprehensive picture of the relevant circular themes in the energy sector and their own role as a circular player in the market. Additionally, the audit provided them practical customer-driven suggestions for future circular business model and service development.

Working with Ethica was easy, straightforward and very professional!

-Maiju Westergren, Sustainability Director, Helen Group