Ethica joins the  Nordic Circular Hotspot as a network partner.

The purpose of the Hotspot is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the Nordics through knowledge sharing, collaboration and matchmaking. In the autumn of 2021, for example, the Hotspot organised a four-day digital Circular Summit together with Nordic Innovation consisting of 32 sessions, topics ranging from digital to food, bio, lifestyle and cities.

As circular economy is getting embedded at the EU, national and organisational levels in the form of strategies, goals and action plans, there is a rapidly growing need for concrete solutions as well as sharing and scaling up these novel solutions across the Nordics.

Ethica is the only consultancy in Finland to join the network, Business Finland being the other Finnish representative. “We’re really looking forward to being part of this network and are keen on creating circular initiatives with our Nordic colleagues, new customers and other stakeholders”, says Anne Raudaskoski, Head of Consulting and Co-Founder of Ethica.

“Ethica has done some groundbreaking work that has been important in making Finland a leader in the Circular Economy. Ethica partnering with the Nordic Circular Hotspot is important to the new Nordic market, and will ensure a unique competence in our midst, ” says Catherine Barth, Founder and Managing Partner of the Nordic Circular Hotspot.

“Collaboration is key to circularity, and we are very happy to welcome Ethica to the Nordic Circular Hotspot. Their ability and proven track record of accelerating circular processes will  be great for the circular market sphere in the Nordics”, says Einar Kleppe Holthe, Managing Partner of the Nordic Circular Hotspot.

About the Nordic Circular Hotspot: Initiated in 2019 with Managing Partners in all the Nordic Countries. Financed by Nordic Innovation. The network currently has 60 partner organisations.

The Nordic Circular Hotspot envisions a vibrant, prosperous and regenerative region that will be fully circular and a role model for others in the world to follow. The old ways of achieving success are no longer working and therefore the Nordic Circular Hotspot envisions a new status quo in the Nordics. Through its strategic and systemic approach, the Nordic Circular Hotspot aims at accelerating the transition to an inclusive, circular and sustainable economy in the Nordics.

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