Creation of a sustainability programme


A-lehdet Media House




Paula Fontell
Anne Raudaskoski

A-lehdet is a Finnish Media House which publishes over 20 magazines and produces some of the most popular Finnish digital medias online. A-lehdet wanted to create a sustainable development programme as a part of their strategic goals and maintaining competitive edge in the changing business environment.

The United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) were used as a framework for the programme. The most relevant goals and a list of actions were identified through Ethica’s Strategy Roadmap process. A new sustainability vision was created: “We create media that makes life better: it shows the audience the sustainability angle on different subjects and increases awareness on these topics.”

“The process was very fruitful for A-lehdet. There was a clear demand for the sustainable development roadmap by both the staff and our growth strategy. We received a systematic and comprehensive action plan that supports our journey towards a forerunner status while strengthening the A-lehdet brand. We are extremely happy with our collaboration with Ethica.”

CEO Kaisa Ala-Laurila