Ethica developed a Product Sustainability Framework (PSF) in partnership with Finnish Design Shop, aimed at evaluating and rating the sustainability of over 20,000 design products available on its online platform.


Finnish Design Shop




Anne Raudaskoski
Ida Urmas

Developed over a period of two years, the PSF relies on meticulously crafted criteria for each product category, validated by Ethica's expertise.

The framework assesses products across five key categories, including social responsibility, eco-friendly production, and circular design, employing a comprehensive survey featuring 69 sustainability claims. The initiative represents a significant stride towards transparency and accountability within the design industry.

By furnishing customers with detailed sustainability ratings, Finnish Design Shop empowers them to make well-informed purchasing decisions that resonate with their values. Additionally, the framework serves as an incentive for manufacturers to prioritise sustainability, thereby catalysing positive change within the design community.

Through the collaborative endeavours of Ethica and Finnish Design Shop, the implementation of the PSF establishes a new benchmark for sustainable practices in the design sector, underscoring a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

“Over the course of two years in developing the PSF, our partnership with Ethica has played a pivotal role in its refinement. Ethica’s rigorous data analysis, expertise, and practical experience were instrumental in validating the comprehensive array of sustainability criteria integrated within the framework.” – Reetta Noukka