Becoming a circular company






Anne Raudaskoski
Ida Urmas

Hurtta is all about happy dogs. Operating globally, they design and manufacture mantels, collars and adventure harnesses for our four-legged friends, and they want to do it in a way so that future generations of dogs and their owners will have a happy life, too.

The work started with the Nordic Pet Care Group level Sustainability Strategy, Hurtta being one of the Group’s brands.

Next step was  to map out opportunities across the Hurtta’s lifecycle and defined the ambition level for 2030 to be a “fully circular product”. It served as a great starting point to deepen Hurtta team’s knowledge and prioritise the future work.

After setting the vision, it was time to start planning steps from the future towards the present and create a holistic Sustainability Roadmap 2030. To guide the actual design process in the right direction Circular Design Guidelines were created and underpinned by Sustainable Materials Library.

“What a great circular journey we’ve had with the Ethica’s team! Ambitious circular & sustainability goals are now part of our strategy, brand and competitive edge!”

– Kati Rissanen, Brand Manager