Jokiniemi campus area will be a showcase for carbon neutral Vantaa.


City of Vantaa




Tuuli Kassi

Situated right next to a main railway station of Tikkurila, Jokiniemi campus area is to house the local Vocational College and Learning Campus as well as mixed-use space for businesses, offices and housing.

Ethica was invited to the design team led by Harris-Kjisik Architects to ensure the best solution for circular, resource wise planning. We started with resource flow and circular service analyses for the area as a base for the design. Low-carbon circular solutions were refined with the design team to compose a holistic sustainable urban design. Recommendations for further planning, including methods for circular construction and materials, were compiled in the Design Manual.

“Based on thorough analyses, the plan genuinely solved the problems of the area. Comprehensive package, with special thanks for the Design Manual part.

The multidisciplinary cooperation of the team worked very well and focus was on the right things.”

– Seppo Niva, urban planner, City of Vantaa