Sustainability strategy.


Nordic Pet Care Group




Paula Fontell
Anne Raudaskoski
Ville Grönlund

Nordic Pet Care Group is one of the largest Scandinavian pet food, treat and other product companies supplying to all major grocery and pet trade shops and chains in the Nordics. Hurtta and Best Friend are some of their well-known brands.

Sustainability was recognised as one of the key focus areas and there was a need to create a systematic sustainability approach to support the business strategy.

In close collaboration with the staff, Ethica developed a tailored sustainability strategy and goals harnessing the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework.

Ethica continues working as the sustainability partner offering expertise, coordination and support for the implementation phase across the businesses of the Group.

“I’m very pleased to this project and collaboration with Ethica which resulted in a solid sustainability programme. Through our continuous partnership we get concrete support and benefit from the diverse expertise of the entire Ethica’s team.”

– CEO Mika Holappa