Creating a model for Finland’s circular textiles ecosystem and enabling technologies


Relooping Fashion




Anne Raudaskoski
Paula Fontell

Ethica led together with VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) internationally awarded Relooping Fashion project with the focus of piloting a closed loop circular ecosystem.​

Project partners were brought together by Ethica and VTT: Pure Waste, Lindström, Suez, Touchpoint, Capital Area Re-Use Center, Fashion Retail company Seppälä ja RePack.

At the beginning of the project a shared vision and business ecosystem principles were developed enabling a successful piloting of the entire ecosystem in practise. In addition to leading the project, Ethica modelled the ecosystem and developed a marketing model for circular products. ​

During the project, VTT piloted the new carbate based chemical fiber recycling technology, and a spin off called Infinited Fiber Company was created to commercialize the Technology. Based on the vision created in the project, three new companies have been founded to implement the circular business ecosystem for textiles in Finland with huge global business opportunities.