Verte is a platform company that focuses on the development of ECO3 in the Kolmenkulma area in Pirkanmaa region.






Anne Raudaskoski
Paula Fontell

Verte's mission is to accelerate, enable and develop bio and circular economy business and globally compelling pilot environment in the ECO3 business park in Nokia.

The focus of the project was to map out regional circular collaboration potential, understand companies’ concrete needs as well as identify support services for ECO3 future service development.

Companies represented the following sectors: paper & pulp, forestry side streams, biogas and energy production side stream.

The report structure was organised under the following themes: 1) Circular supply chain orchestration 2) Sparring on regional development 3) Networks & partnerships 4) Design and futures thinking capabilities 5) Pilots, commercialisation & finance 6) Brand development. ​

“Ethica did great work! Their holistic approach combined with analytical research capability produced an excellent report on the potential of industrial symbiosis in a bio and circular economy. This serves as a great foundation to speed up the regional circular economy in these sectors.”

– Sakari Ermala, CEO, Verte Ltd.