Taking beds to the next level, by Matri.






Paula Fontell
Anne Raudaskoski

Matri designs and manufactures high-quality beds and bed products having a strong market position especially in Finland, central Europe and South Korea. In Matri’s viewpoint the wellbeing of the environment and people are fully interdependent. Therefore sustainability is manifested throughout their design process and at each step in decision-making.

Matri wanted to harness all aspects of circularity when launching their new Aina bed system. Through Ethica’s Circular Design Tool every feature from raw materials to end-of-use and new lifecycle was explored from the circularity perspective. Identified opportunities were, e.g., increasing circular material use, developing a product-as-a-service concept and providing a circular customer experience.

After the workshops, a fact-based, coherent and appealing story was created covering both product details and system level solutions by a communications agency Kamon.

“We enjoyed a great deal working with Ethica’s circular design experts, as it enabled us to deepen our existing knowledge of circularity and identify real frontrunner solutions to support our business.”

-Elli Lehnhoff, CEO of Matri