Long-awaited webinar on circular design will be organised on 4th June 3pm – 4pm CEST in collaboration with Design Forum Finland.

Join us to learn what circular design is about, why it is such an important approach and toolkit for those businesses who want to build sustainable success and resilience. During the webinar we will explore three cornerstones of circular design approach: 1) product and system design 2) circular business development 3) customer experience and branding. We will guide you through the best case-examples and introduce the EcoDesign Sprint, a three-day circular business development programme, which is an excellent way to kick-start your circular journey!

If you’re currently taking steps towards carbon emission reductions or carbon neutrality, this session is for you: over 60% of global emissions come from inefficient material management.

The webinar is targeted at business leaders and managers. Sign-up now!

Web hosts:

Anne Raudaskoski: Anne is a Head of Consulting at Ethica. She’s developed with  EcoDesign Sprint Design Forum Finland and to date faciliatetd the programme in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia.

Ida Urmas: Ida is a Circular Design Consultant and designer. She’s also in charge of Ethica’s Cradle to Cradle related services.

Aino Vepsäläinen: Aino is a Design Expert and Project Manager at Design Forum Finland, she’s currently managing e.g. EcoDesign Circle 4.0 project.

Sign-up here.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: Anne Raudaskoski anne.raudaskoski@ethica.fi