We are happy to announce that this September the Nordic Circular Hotspot is getting not only one but two new Managing Partners. The growing team is welcoming the Danish Design Center and Ethica Oy, from Finland, to join the group of Nordic circularity experts and innovators.

“Being a NHC Managing Partner brings with it a multitude of benefits! It provides a fantastic opportunity to accelerate and actively develop Nordic collaboration and services for Nordic companies. At Ethica, we truly see that the Nordic region is well positioned to become the leading light for global circular and regenerative innovations. With the other Managing Partners, we can guide and support this journey.”
— Paula Fontell, CEO of Ethica

Ethica is joining as the second Finnish Managing Partner, in addition to Business Finland, who are welcoming this addition to the team: ”We see that the Nordic circular know-how and offering can significantly help to solve the challenges on a global level. Ethica, as a Finnish company possessing high-level expertise on circularity and circular design strategies, is supporting the development of Nordic added value in an inspiring way.” – Outi Suomi, Head of Bio and Circular Finland Program, Business Finland

Read more here: https://nordiccircularhotspot.org/news-updates/new-managing-partners-september-2022

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