A Circular Roadmap for Wood Construction






Paula Fontell
Anne Raudaskoski

Lehto is a Finnish building and real estate corporation group. Lehto focuses on improving construction productivity in order to create added value to its customers and owners. Lehto Group wants to become the pioneer of wooden apartment buildings.

With Ethica’s leadership, a development path and vision was created for the wooden apartment building concept. Through Ethica’s deep expertise in circular construction, solutions for regenerative growth were created together with identified business benefits. As a final result, Lehto got an ambitious roadmap with objectives and concrete actions.

The commercial director (residential construction), Riku Kimpimäki, says:

”The final result is a successful combination of visionary approach and concret next steps! Ethica’s built environment experts helped us to navigate forward in sometimes a challenging landscape of circular economy. Regarding the concept, we chose the most impactful themes to support the strategic objectives of the Lehto Group to ensure us the pioneer’s position in sustainable construction.”