Crystallising goals, deepening in-house knowledge, and supporting successful implementation with practical guidelines.​


Senate Properties




Paula Fontell
Anne Raudaskoski
Tuuli Kassi

Senate Properties is the work environment partner of the Finnish government that manages, develops and maintains the state’s built real estate assets.The vision of Senate Properties is to ensure that the Finnish government is a pioneer of new ways of working and work environments.​

Senate Properties is one of the front-runners of circular built environment and facility management in Finland. Our long partnership started with profound sector-specific strategic analysis of the transition towards circular economy and setting goals and roadmap with concrete actions.

Further collaboration has included for example circular economy training for the entire Senate Properties staff, Circular Guidelines for Senaatti’s construction processes, Guide for Circular furniture management and embedding circularity in the national Real Estate Strategy.

Operations Director Juha Lemström:

“We’ve appreciated Ethica’s high-level expertise on strategic topics as well as providing practical tools to implement circular economy aspects into our operations. I can warmly recommend Ethica as a consultancy partner!”